Sculpting with the Quilting Stitch

Sculpting with the Quilting Stitch

Face the quilting process with confidence! Predict results before the needle even touches the quilt top! Create stunning effects every time!

Whether your work is traditional or contemporary, you can enhance it by "chiseling" the surface with stitches to achieve wonderful sculptural effects.

During this two-day workshop participants experiment with various silk & cotton fabrics, cotton, wool, polyester, and blended battings, and various threads and yarns to dertermine the properties of each and how they can be used to take advantage of quilting's three-dimensional possibilities. Students may also experiment with machine trapunto, needle felting, free-motion lace, and couching as interest and time allow.

Some experience with hand and machine quilting is required. (12-16 hours)

(Cindi's article on auditioning quilting designs using paper and pen appeared in the Sept. 2009 issue of American Quilter.)

For a sneak peak at some of the basics Cindi begins with, check this out.

Sculpted Branches by Sally Dillon

Sculpted branches by
student Sally Dillon.

Sculpted leaf by Cindi Huss

Sculpted leaf by
the instructor.

Sculpted flowers by Barbara Hall.


Sculpted flowers by
student Barbara Hall.

Negative/Positive circles by Cindi Huss.

Negative/Positive space
by the instructor.

Sculpted frames by Carmel Creaner.

Sculpted frames by
student Carmel Creaner.

Positive/Negative space by Cindi Huss.

Sculpted planets & holes
by the instructor