No-fail Quilting Design

No-fail Quilting Design


Or have you or your friends ever said something like:

"Well, I finished my top and I love it, but I'm just not sure how to quilt it now and I'm afraid I might mess it up."


"You know, your quilt top is so beautiful. this applique design and that flower motif really pop. I don't think you should ruin it by quilting anything complicated--just use an all--over quilting stitch."

Well, if you have made a fabulous quilt top, whether you want to exhibit it or simply enjoy it on the bed in your home, you and your top both deserve more than a quilting desing you choose because you're afraid of ruining the top. Get excited!

Cindi will present her secrets, tips, and techniqes while sharing some beautiful work by some well-known traditional and contemporary quilt artists for inspiration. Get excited!