About Pascale

PascalePascale De Coninck is a Flemish tapestry artist living in Ireland.

She studied at Becky Ashenden's Vävstuga in Massachusetts (U.S.) and at the Siegen Webschule in Germany.

Pascale's art benefits from a wide variety of techniques, which she freely shares with students at ‘Dancing Threads,' her weaving studio in Midleton, County Cork.

In recent years she focused on developing a new three-dimensional technique that enables her to create truly unique pieces, illustrated by ‘Hidden’ and ‘Beneath.’

Pascale's subjects are drawn from nature, the beautiful Irish countryside and a deep love for the human experience.

Actively involved in the Hand Weavers Guild of Cork, Cork Textiles Network and Weaving Works (all of which she has chaired), Pascale exhibits her work nationally and abroad and produces privately commissioned work.