Basic Loom Weaving

Basic Loom Weaving

Some people like texture and colour, others prefer pattern. Some like to make clothing, others like to make fabrics for the home. All need to know how to dress the loom to make the fabric of their choice.

During this class you will learn how to plan a project and how to calculate the yarn needed. You will make a warp and learn how to dress the loom. Throwing the shuttle back and forth, keeping straight edges, advancing the warp are all skills you will pick up.

You will go home with all the basic skills to set up and weave your own projects succesfully and with 2 or 3 woven items.

The studio houses 6 looms, from large to small, with different mechanisms. You can try them all and find which one you like the best.

If you have a small table loom at home please bring it along and you can dress it up.

Please check the schedule for dates